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June 14, 2010

A Leadership Thought #1

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A Leadership Thought #1

How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood.
~ Andrew Grove


I like this quote a great deal, but the challenge to me is to be able to state the same item in multiple reception styles. Some people like detail, some like brevity. Some like a pill to swallow so they can understand without the effort.


There are basically 3 types of learning styles

Visual – what we see

Auditory – what we hear

Kinesthetic /Tactual – what we can touch, feel, interact with


And then there are multiple Motivation Value Systems

Human factor – how will people be affected

Bottom line factor – just get it done, to hell with the facts, I feel I’m right

Data Centric factor – what information supports my theory


So this forms a neat matrix, but an email status would form the top line (visual)


Human Factor

Bottom Line Factor

Data Centric


The process

The pill to swallow

What supports this conclusion






So as a leader, how do you communicate in all styles – very carefully J But I try to do the following in any presentations I do:


Put 3 bullet points in the correspondence

  • One that focuses on the bottom line result (put this at the top as “Bottom Line” folks don’t want to read the whole list
  • One that focuses on the impact to the people or the organization. Will provide more autonomy, better performance measurement, or more satisfaction.
  • One that focuses on supporting evidence.


More to come as I mature this from a blog post to something more consumable.




June 11, 2010

AN ITIL Minute 1

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An ITIL Minute 1


Those of you old enough to remember 1976 should recall the Bicentennial Minute.  Well, I am going to share with you an ITIL minute.


The 7Rs of Change Management:


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