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June 7, 2011

Project Management in the Funnies – No. 1

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This one hits home on so many levels, but I will just focus on the second panel. The misuse of numbers, projections, results, and anything else in work initiatives today (projects, programs, quality initiative, sales, promotions, etc.) is a disease killing true innovation. Information is power – and numbers are even more powerful. It’s so easy to detract things with what is the savings, what is the cost, etc. when the project manager has limited, if any power to influence them.

Many corporations have built this iron-clad wall of BS to prevent non-finance workers from knowing any true salary basis and cost structures. You may be given a unit cost for a level and are supposed to use that to calculate expected costs. No operations manager is going commit to specific downsizing based on a project estimate. And the career aspirations and ego of middle managers are victims of reality. Many an executive wanna-be has embellished numbers or made other assumptions that are implied, but not defined, in project plans and benefit projections.

So Project and Program Managers – be aware. Somebody is going to use your hard work to advance their agenda.

We’re All In This Together !!!

David L. Davis, PMP, PgMP

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