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September 7, 2011

Project Management in the Funnies – No. 6

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This comic is so true that it is sad. I’ve know many project managers, and other business professionals, that just don’t know what to do when things start going wrong. They aren’t sure how to communicate the status, they aren’t sure what action to take to correct the problems, they don’t know what to ask their management to do to help them, and they start to panic. This can lead to one of two approaches:
1) Bury your head in the sand. This behavior is characterized by just hoping things will get better.
2) Escalate for help and hope somebody else can fix what’s going wrong and show improvement.

Neither one of these behaviors is good and the results are bad. The best plan to ‘right the ship’ is to plan. Take a snapshot of where things are and where they should be. Then take time to analyze the situation and define what behaviors need to occur to get “back to green.” Document a plan for what steps will happen, by whom, and when. The improvement is not the plan itself, the improvement will come from you taking action to fix things and having ideas for a basis of discussion as opposed to ‘somebody oughta’. You will get some resistance saying “we don’t have time to replan’, to which I would counter: ‘we don’t have time to repeat the same thing day after day without the desired results”.

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