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May 21, 2012

Business Rules and Program Management

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I believe Business Rules are an important aspect of defining the scope of the Program. I have a presentation on that topic.

As more and more tools are driven by rule engine configuration, businesses are being forced to establish well defined business rules that govern all stages of customer support lifecycles.  A significant argument for the formalization of a Program is to help the business achieve consistency across multiple projects and work efforts and to reduce redundant work. Business rules are a component that should be developed at the program level and cascaded to all work packages in the Program.

In the absence of a standard definition for the term business rule, this presentation will use the definition put forth by the Business Rules Group in 2000. “A business rule is a statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business. It is intended to assert business structure or to control or influence the behavior of the business.”

Using a model that has a Program supported by Projects, Process Engineering, and Requirements Definition; this presentation explores Business Rules for all work activities.  Topics would include:

  • What are Business Rules
  • Business rules cascade to all projects within a program
  • Difference between business rules and requirements
  • Examples of Business rules
  • Ownership of Business Rules
  • How to define and control Business Rules.


You will leave with a definition of business rules, a strategy for implementing Business Rules in a Program, a template for capturing business rules, and a methodology model that defines the benefits of using Business Rules in managing an integrated program.


  1. The attendee will leave with a definition of what business rules are and why they should cascade to all work activities in a program. Business rules span Project Management and Business Analysis work as should be organized to the appropriate work level. Program rules span all projects, project business rules are specific to the project work, and certain functions may have business rules at a specific process level of detail.
  2. The attendee will leave with a methodology that has Business rules cascade to all work packages in a program and how redundant work will be avoided by using Business rules at a Program level. Additionally, a template will be presented that captures Business Rules for easy communication across the program.
  3. The attendee will understand a change control aspect for business rules and how that differs from Project Change control and business requirements change control.


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