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July 16, 2012

Perspector Tool Test 2 – Creating a Presentation – Showing 16 Items

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I should have known before I put the presentation proposal together that it would be a challenge to somehow get 16 items aligned non-hierarchically on one slide. But I think the sixteen items in the presentation are important. I have a couple of options:

  1. Group the sixteen items into four groups of four and sequence the order.
  2. Use a word cloud tool like or Tagxedo
  3. See if Perspector can generate a usable image

To start, I create a SmartArt list of the 16 items which is shown below. I do like the color blend and the arrow to grow out the idea. It also allowed me to use a different, more exotic, font for the title. The problems include the smaller font, the appearance of a hierarchy, and its somewhat conventional.


I then used my Perspeter demo to create a “drum” with 20 choices. A .png export appears below. And my feelings are mixed. First, it does display a pretty neat effect when played back in a PowerPoint in the face that the drum turns showing all 16 items and the title in a different font. It removes the hierarchy and instead displays items with a circular relationship. It is fairly easy to read and has a neat movement. I would say this is a nice slide to have as a title slide or other audience “detractor” to prepare for the presentation. But it does have limited utility as part of the presentation itself. The drum also allows different fonts and the title was in the same Budmo Jiggler font as in the list above. Another part of the drum that was nice was the ability to paste an entire list in the edit feature. The stair step graphic, that I showed in the previous installment required individual entries.

Net-net is Perspeter has a neat drum, but it won’t be used in the body of the presentation, but it may very well be used as the summary slide, with narration supporting the spinning text.


On a side note, very few of the Perspeter list utilities allowed a list of up to 16 items. Which is not a problem as a presentation will rarely have than many items to present, especially on one slide. But I still have many more effects to test with Perspeter. But initial impression is good.


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