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August 28, 2012

Feedback to Conference Sponsors

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Feedback to Conference Sponsors

I find a lot of satisfaction from presenting at professional seminars and conferences. I find it very useful to put my lessons learned and thoughts into presentations and share my knowledge. I really find it beneficial to share with other practitioners as they bring experience and insight to the topic that both helps me learn more and also improves my presentations. I have had many very successful presentations with extremely positive feedback and have been invited back on most of my endeavors.

However, I do have a nit to pick. For those organizations that are seeking submissions for presentations online and require a form to be populated and submitted. Please respond to the submitter if their presentation has been accepted or rejected. If a person takes the time to fill out the form (and I believe it takes a minimum of 1 hour) the least you can do is let them know if their submission was not accepted. I can often be heard saying: “I can accept ‘Yes’, I cannot accept ‘No’, it’s no response that gives me trouble.

Since every form I have seen either requires me to enter my email, or email the form to a common email address, the sponsoring organization should have a means of contacting me. Personally I prefer the email to anything via paper mail. But even if it is a standard “thanks but we had so many submissions ….” Email, it’s still acknowledgement. As submitters, we understand that there are many to choose from and there is a lot of criteria in selection. But as a professional courtesy, send a note. I understand you may not want the agony of a follow-up question regarding “Why wasn’t I selected?”, but that is a small price to pay for a professional communication; the people seeking such feedback are trying to improve the crispness of their message. No feedback will result in negative feedback for your organization. I propose the following criteria for gathering and responding submissions.

  1. It never hurts to provide a sample of what is expected. When I see provide a summary in 75 words or less, let me know if this will show up in the brochure or if you are looking for what the attendee will learn.
  2. Require an email address from the submitter.
  3. Acknowledge submission receipt with a contact email and include “a decision will be made by” date.
  4. If dates are delayed, blast a standard email to all submitters informing them of the delay.
  5. When you have finished selecting the presenters, send a status to everyone who sent in a submission.
  6. If you have feedback to provide, provide honest feedback. If the summary was confusing, say so. Don’t patronize the submitter. The fact that there were 100 submissions and only 10 were chosen is good feedback. We understand !!!
  7. If you want me to provide references, let me know if would be contacting them via email or phone so I can provide a ‘heads up’ to them.

Dave Davis


August 7, 2012

Perspector Tool Test 5 – Convert a Complex Diagram

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I previously wrote about Perspector Tool Test 4 – Convert Existing Diagram and an experience with converting a simple diagram from a presentation to a Perspector graphic. The result was ok, but I decided to use a standard 2 dimensional drawing. I then decided to try a much more complex diagram. The original is shown below:

The results were less than satisfactory. Notice that the color of the boxes changes, the text is way too large for the words in the vertical boxes (Gateway and Firewall). The words: “Fire Repository Server” are inverted. The arrows are completely lost and looks like 2 cones. Some good points included the excellent migration of the clip art pieces, the Internet VPN cloud was good, and the text in the “squares” sized well in the boxes.

To say the least, the complex diagram is not usable in the new state, but there is enough encouragement to utilize the tool to make on from scratch, or to modify the output of a converted diagram. Good enough to try some other slides.



Perspector Tool Test 4 – Convert Existing Diagram

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Was out of town for a few days and not able to update the blog, but have done several little tests in support of my presentation. One of the things I wanted to experiment with involved taking an existing slide with a fairly simple diagram and covert the diagram. The slide below is my original slide, that I am reusing from a course that I teach. Notice it has some simple shapes, some arrows and a few lines. I grouped all the images together and performed a “Change Images” command.

The resulting graphic looked as below:

I was fairly satisfied with the conversion of the cylinder and the rectangles, but the arrows were a disappointment. The Enters arrow did not transfer well and the one with the gap became completely useless. It squished the tops down and completely lost the word GAP.

So I decided to try a few different sizes, etc. and got the same results. I even converted it to Smart Art and completely lost the GAP altogether. Finally, I deleted the arrow completely and replaced it with a text box and an ascii arrow.

End result is ok, but still not sure of the GAP ->, I think I will retain the original slide and keep it a simple 2D mode.


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