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July 17, 2012

Perspector Tool Test 3 – Circle List – Showing 16 Items

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Well, today I made a slide using Perspecter that showed my 16 items all on one screen. Again, the biggest problem is the fact that there are 16 items, but with the Foldout Tabs option, I was able to make the image below:


The tool worked fine. The original template had space for only 8 items, but it was easy to expand with a simple return key. I had to enter each spoke line by line as it did not have an edit list capability. I found it best to put some of my longer phrases in the middle as those spokes were longer. The image was able to accommodate the different font families and there were no problems with responsiveness.

I did have a little issue with rotating the text and where to start the list, I never was able to move the starting point to higher on the circle. It seemed to want to rotate the items on its own axis and not around the circle. I also ran into some issues with centering the circle on the spokes, it was a little skewed (notice the Empathy spoke) and I never did get it aligned to perfection.

Net-net is this will work for my immediate need and I will try some other features of the tool for the next slide.




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